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Consulting for Data Collection, Management and Data Pipelines Building

IICOLL can assist you in determining the best solution for your data collection, processing and management needs. We are willing to provide high quality resources and expertise in software engineering, research, analysis, and project management and would like to offer them to help our customers with the storage, retrieval, sharing, and optimal use of information, data, and knowledge for problem solving and decision making.

We help to design data collection and management systems meeting the requirements of small-to-mid size companies regarding variety of state of art project-based tools from development to deployment and support as well as analysis and maintenance of collected data and provide easy and real time access to the data.

Our services include:

* Development optimal data schema for a given task
* Design customized data collection and retrieval systems
* Management of collected data
* Custom data storage design
* Custom UIs/APIs design
* Web-based tools for data submission and manipulation
* Efficient and easy to use tools for data visualization and sharing
* Multiple data formats support, conversion, and translation
* Reports accessable on-line or delivered to customer specified destination

Custom Databases

IICOLL provides customized to a project database design, development and deployment. We have many years of experience in creating sophisticated on-line/cloud database software applications, remote data collection, and system integration. Our databases are secure, scalable, with on-demand customized reports and data exports.

Our databases usually come with a user friendly interface, audit trails for tracking data manipulation, exports to common statistical packages, and other advanced features on clients' demand.

Data Evaluation & Analysis

We provide the following services for businesses working with data:

* Analysis of data completeness and consistency
* Data quality and redundancy evaluation
* Data mining
* Statistical analysis (patterns and trends search)

Request a consultation today and tell us how we can help you. Also if you are interested in a service not listed above, we are willing to meet your needs.

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