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Company Background

iicoll was founded as information technology and service provider with focus on data pipelines design, building and troublesshooting. The company provides solutions that meet a diverse set of customer needs from expertise in data collection and management, including automation of data collection process, reducing data errors and saving time for our clients, to novel and efficient technologies in statistical analysis and data mining. We pay special attention to collecting and providing information and solutions timely and therefore, make our customers able to react faster on important changes.
Consultation and services are available at every stage of your project from task formulation and business plan writing through data collection, management and analysis. We provide custom applications for data collection, management and mining using a broad range of technologies and tools. On your choice we can design a distributed system, develop a web interface with extra features to your existing data store or combine both.

Advantages of our service use:

keep control for corporate data integrity
decrease internal data structures loading and network traffic
expansion of profit generation and profit increase due to fast reaction on market demand
increase productivity
managed access to strategic information in time
make more effective decisions

Quality of business information is the cornerstone of our global solutions that customers rely on to make critical business decisions.

Our cloud based access platform is able to provide our customers with more efficient way of presenting their data as well as makes it easier to operate with data internally.

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