Memory Development and Improvement Methods

How efficiently do we use our memory? Can a person within a reasonable time frame memorize information in a way to be able to use it whenever (s)he needs? Experts claim, no more than 3 percent of the world population has a phenomenal memory, in other words, able to instantly process in their brains billion units of information and return an answer to a question within seconds. The main part of humankind does not possess such a power. An average person is able to remember a combination of no more than 9-10 consecutive digits. The fact that an outstanding memory is not given to everybody by birth, should not be a cause for despair. There are efficient methods of memory training, which allow to everybody, if not to become a superman, at least train himself to memorize the amount of information that was previously unachievable.

Modern schools for memory training offer the system of mnemotechnical memorizing, which sets priority to recall not an object, but rather its image. Many advanced techniques are based on eidetic information perception where a person clearly imagines an imprint of an object, which was shown to him earlier. In this case information doesn’t come from remembering but rather from these brain’s associative imprints. Accuracy of reproduction in this case is close to absolute, and the information can be stored for life.

Use of symbolic visual imprints as a way to memorize substantial amount of information

How many of us have a phenomenal memory, given at birth? As mentioned before, no more than 3%. Meanwhile, scientists have developed a number of advanced techniques facilitating memorization of texts, and giving its followers opportunity to change radically their approach to the perception of information. In other words, a way to develop an eidetic memory, based on a brain imprint of the content, which needs to be remembered.
Some scientists believe that eidetism as a phenomenon is rather an exception than a rule. Researchers of Marburg school have found that more than 40% of children have evident eidetic abilities, the rest has them in a latent form. When memorizing of texts is based on associative imprints, it makes possible not just facilitation of the perception process, but also many folds increase the information amount, with which the brain will be able to deal in a future.

It has been proven that evoking of subjective images perception, can be achieved not only for children but also for adults. Ability to perceive substantial amount of information in a tiny time frame, has made eidetica one of the most popular brain training exercises with fruitful results in trainees’ everyday life. For example, it made practicing students free of cramming before exams, and in such a way allowed them easily to cope with the school/university curriculum and properly assimilate the program materials.

Features of eidetic memory development

What is eidetica? In a single sentence, kind of technique to create memory imprints, which are very subjective in their base. So to say "pure" eidetic memory (no training) is often observed in children and adolescents but sometimes, adults can show this phenomenon as well. Some knowledge about memory imprints and their use was mentioned in different branches of brain science for decades. Erich Jaensch has developed detailed description of the eidetic memorizing features [1] (in Spanish). Over the past decade, memorizing texts by the means of creation of symbolic visual imprints, has become a popular memory training method. Now various schools in different countries use this kind of mnemonics to propose a different way to perceive reality.

For a long time scientists have considered two basic forms of memory imprints. Consecutive imprints allowed remembering of a picture, presented in a different color or memorizing the word corresponding to the presented image. While in reality, trying to memorize a particular object, we perceive neither its exact image, nor a word assigned to it but rather make some kind of trace of its outlines. Eidetica helps to make this process more familiar and easy going. This kind of comprehension allows its trainees to make a look on information perceived from a different view point. Development of these features makes it possible substantially increase your memory capabilities.

  [1] Erich Jaensch “Eidetica Y Expliracion Tupologia Paidos”

Eidetica for children

 Can we say that eidetica for children is a universal technique? As mentioned above, almost 100% of kids possess at least, hidden eidetic capabilities. Taking fast reading courses, children develop skills, they had no idea before. In this case, mnemonics serves as a powerful tool that enables more efficient management of the available memory resources. Though, eidetica for children is still in an emerging stage, real life results has shown that this mnemonics technique is able to reduces time, necessary for a big volume of new information comprehension, on orders. If the technique allows achieving such outstanding results (of course following a regular practice), may be, it is a good reason to try, especially, taking into account that eidetic abilities do not depend on kids’ physical shape and the degree of prior training in math and/or science.

Why eidetica gained such popularity? What is its essence? Phenomenon of eidetism consists of that the holder can see a previously seen image on a blank screen. Eidetic memory opens up entirely new opportunities for its holders. As already mentioned, memorized in such a way information can be stored and retrieved over years.

Why do I need it? Can I use these memory development methods in practice? Sure. Moreover, a holder of trained memory has a number of advantages over those who use, so to say, old fashioned recall. After the training, your worries regarding upcoming exams disappear. You will not need to carry a hint for an important information (things to do) on a paper or other source, you can effortless store it in your brain and easily retrieve when it necessary. Modern techniques of associative memory development will be helpful for entrepreneurs, teachers, scientists, analysts, brokers, and other people who, in scope of their professional activity, have to deal with a huge amount of information (texts, numbers, etc). Suggested training system provides you with the fastest and efficient way to maximize the use of your memory resources.

Applying suggested technique over and over you will definitely expand horizons of your learning, and will efficiently deal with new and old information throughout your life.

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