Dynamics of businesses posted for sale during 2010

Businesses for sale offers over the world :
Overall all investigated sectors showed increase in the number of offers in 2010. Most of the offers come from adv_marketing sector, in 2010 this sector showed biggest increase. it sector had less offers than others and the smallest increase in the number of offers.
adv_marketing correlates with all 3 other sectors. Correlation between internet & media as well as it & media are insignificant Businesses for sale offers in USA :
In USA the tendency is very similar. The difference between sectors was less. Relative increase for all sectors except adv_marketing is almost the same. Correlations:
In USA smallest correlation is between it & internet. adv_marketing & media have the biggest correlation. Overall correlations are more diverse than for the world. Businesses for sale offers in CA :
While general distribution (maximum - adv_marketing, minimum - it) in CA is as for world and USA, here once can see tremendous growth of the number of offers in 2010. In this aspect adv_marketing sector is not already a leader it has almost the same increase as it and sales offers growth in internet sector got to ~83%.
For correlations, as it easy to see in the table above, thare is very little differentiation between sectors. Likely many (if not most) offers are classyfied to be in all 4 sectors. Top 10 states by the average number of offers:
Looking how the number of offers varies among states one can see significant gap between FL,CA and other states. NY and TX seem to form the second group. For other states we have fairly smooth descrease.

CA and FL have fairly strong negative correlation. Also CA has negative correlation with TX. Other 3 states positively correlated, FL & TX - significantly. In average the offer stays on CA market 19-20 days, minimum 1 day, maximum 240 days. Price vapies from $395 (Internet Business For Sale) to $17,000,000 (Technology Company in Los Angeles For Sale). 41 CA business offers were on the market just one day. CA business moved out of the list on a next day:
Business offer evolution: